Unusual Activities

moscow flight MIG-29

Moscow, A flight on MIG-29

A flight to the stratosphere with imitation of sub-orbital start and aerobatic maneuvers after descent.
Moscow, Visit to the Bunker

Moscow, Visit to the Bunker

An outpost at the heart of the capital that for almost 30 years was on clock duty providing security of the country in case of a nuclear attack.
Visit to Zvyozdny gorodok

Moscow, Visit to Zvyozdny gorodok

The center of Russian cosmonautics where one can find him/herself inside a spaceship, talk to cosmonauts and try famous space food.
Hermitage Theatre

Moscow, Visit to Sandunovskie Baths

We offering it’s customers exciting and unforgettable army-style experiences and military tours.
Russian Seasons

Moscow, A rise to the 30th floor of Moscow State University

On the 30th floor of the university there is a hall “The Earth in the Universe” demonstrating an important and natural stage in the evolution of matter.
Russian Seasons

St. Petersburg, A flight on a hot air balloon

An unforgettable ride over one of the most picturesque places of Saint-Petersburg and Russia – Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk.
Russian Seasons

St. Petersburg, Helicopter excursions

Sightseeing tours over Saint-Petersburg from the height of bird’s flight including sightseeing of palaces in Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk.
Russian Seasons

St. Petersburg, Riding quadrocycles

A full of adventures ride along picturesque routes of Karelia.
Russian Seasons

St. Petersburg, Rafting on Vuoksa river

Individual rafting over a rapid as well as team rafting programs only in 80 km from the “Northern capital”.