Sanduny 1808


The Sanduny Bath House is the place of the national proud heritage in Moscow city. It is the oldest public bath house in Russia – Sila Sandunov, an actor, had founded it in 1808. The Sanduny Bath House is a complex made of several hothouses. Both authentic Russian Bath House traditions and the interior decorations of these bath houses are kept identical to the historical ones that are dated back to 1896 and had been designed by B. Freidenberg, architecture from Vienna, Austria.

Nowadays, The Sanduny Bath House is unique recreational center that can satisfy all the demands of any customer.
Three baths departments for gentlemen and two for ladies, with spacious lounge zones, swimming pools and classical Russian steam rooms, private rooms with 8 separated bath house areas and Jacuzzi; they are distinguished by authentic Russian style decorations including a traditional Russian stove; beauty salons and a spa-center “The Sanduny Orient”, which offers the services of a hairdresser, a cosmetologist, a nail specialist, and also hardware and injection cosmetology; a restaurant with Russian, Uzbek and Chinese cuisines and a laundry service. And for those, who would like to keep the good memories of our baths, the “Sandunov” shop is open.

The great history and “museum” interiors, and also the variety and the highest level of services make The Sanduny Bath House a unique monument of purity and hospitality.