Russian National Dance Show «Kostroma»

“Russian National Ballet” Kostroma “presents a daily program about the great mystery of Russia” National “Kostroma” Russian Show, a program about the history of Russia and the lives of its people, where space and time horizons are expanding limitless possibilities art of dance! Important historical landmarks, traditions and customs of the multinational Russian culture reveal the identity of hundreds of Russian people, immersing you in the time of the Baptism of Russia, Tsarist Russia and the USSR, showing the lives of the people of the Far North, Siberia, the southern steppes, mountainous Caucasus and Central Russia.

“Russian National Dance Show” Kostroma “artfully combines folklore, ancient Russian epic and lyrical sketches. Disclose the nature of Russian culture through its people, social class and national character. Here you can see the culture of secular, urban, rural, military. Through the great mother transmitted the play images, wife, daughter, son, husband, and a warrior, the artists reflect the legacy of many generations of Russian and unique spirit of the Russian people.

50 artists on stage, masterly technique, excellent acting, 15th stage reincarnation, 10 tons of cargo, 600 unique costumes, 300 props, 8 changes of scenery, animated pictures video projections, pyrotechnic special effects, heavy smoke, fire and starry sky – it’s fantastic reality “” Kostroma “Russian National Dance show, which captivates audiences of all ages and nationalities.

Today, with all the posters of the city, “The girl in the silver” – the famous brand of ballet, symbolizing the delicate art image Kostroma filigree, invites Muscovites make aesthetic journey into the depths of Russian culture with fairy tales, epics and Soviet motives!