Traveling in Romania carries a lot of discoveries, and its charm is often hidden not in modern resort areas and cities, but in remote corners full of beauty of a virgin nature. Travelers come here searching for adventure, thirsting for the rest of the unknown and mysterious, which are fully ready to provide the numerous attractions of Romania.

You will face the natural panorama of scattered everywhere Romanian villages, which have not changed at all since the lastest centuries. The huge amount of religious architecture strikes at first glance, especially the exquisitely painted monasteries of Bukovina, its ancient churches and old temples.

Transylvania that attracts with it’s mystery and dark images of forests with their ghostly inhabitants, as well as the legends of vampires, like well-known Count Dracula. In addition to medieval castles and charming cities, Romania is famous for the expressive and unique landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, to know all the beauty and charm of which can be on a ski holiday in winter or by hiking or horse riding in the summer.