The land of amber

It is a state in Eastern (Central) Europe with the population of more than 38.5 million people. The great Amber road from the Adriatic sea to the Baltics went across Polish lands.

In Poland there are two rivers Welna and Nielba that cross each other at right angle but the waters in them do not mix up. This phenomenon is explained by the difference in water flow levels, temperatures and water flow speeds in these rivers. There was an experiment performed during which paints of different colors poured in these rivers didn’t mix up at crossing.

Marienburg castle in the town of Malbork is the biggest brick castle in the world that was the residence of the Teutonic order masters. It takes the area of more than 20 hectares. In 1997 the castle was declared a UNESCO Word Heritage Site. And in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, there is a street named by Winnie-the-Pooh, and also a patent bureau on children’s inventions which has already registered more than 30 thousand “thinkings”.