Northern lights in Murmansk – not infrequent thing to see.
From November to February, the chances of seeing the radiance of unprecedented beauty increase rapidly, especially from December 1 to January 10, when the polar night reigns in Murmansk and that makes even a faint glow more noticeable.

The best time to watch starts on late evening: from 22.00 pm. Night sky seeing goes to an end by 3.00 am, after which you will be sent directly to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Why to see in Murmansk? There are several reasons for that. First, it is much easier to get to Murmansk than to other “points of inspection” of the northern lights. Secondly, in Murmansk there is high chances of seeing the glow due to the polar nights. Thirdly, the climate in Murmansk is milder and easier than, let’s say, in the already reached Khatanga and staying here will not be a serious stress to health . Finally, Murmansk has the glory of the Hero City, the status of one of the country’s largest ports, the city of the fearless habitats.

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