The motherland of Genghis Khan


Endless steppe and thousands of blue lakes, snowy peaks of Altai and incredible spaces of Gobi desert, stunning Buddhist monuments and living history of Genghis Khan – all this is Mongolia. A yurt, which is a dwelling of nomadic people and an important part of national Mongolian identity, is to this day the only one shelter for many Mongols.

UlaanBaatar is the coldest capital in the world, where there live 40% of the citizens of the whole country. Here winters are truly severe and summers are really hot. Along with this as much as 260 days a year the weather is absolutely sunny.

From 11th till 13th of July in Mongolia there takes place a spectacular festival Naadam, that attracts almost all the population of the country. The main event of the year combines three male sports: wrestling, horse races and archery.