The Big Race is coming. Be faster and smarter than all of your opponents. Taste the smell of gasoline engines and burning tires. Test yourself in the real struggle of fastest pilots till the end. Get the reward to the real winner! We know that you can!

Each Karting Club has in its arsenal of professional equipment for any weather, cozy cafe-bars with free Wi-Fi and a unique program Pit Stop-Bonus, allows you to receive discounts, watch the dynamics of your races and talk about the success to friends in social networks, and also monitor races in real-time.

The Karting Club equipped with European appliances from Germany, Denmark and France and garage – more than 100 vehicles, including: Rimo Mini 5,5 hp, Rimo Evo 9 hp, Dino 9 hp, double cards Dino 13 l .c .; Sodi GT-May 13 hp..

Event type: Tournament with prizes (3 cups, 3 medals and the champagne for the winners)

Time of driving: guaranteed 8-10 min on the road for every racer plus final 10 min race for the fastest drivers.