Karelia is the land of thousands of lakes and more than twenty rivers. The diversity of the water world is also great, you can catch zander, bream, perch, pike and other representatives.

In Karelia, cozy houses for rent at an affordable price. Many fishermen choose this region in order to successfully go fishing and enjoy their vacation.

The seasonality of the region directly affects the amount of catch. The most significant results can be achieved in the autumn period. At this time of year, pikes and perches are especially active.

Karelia is characterized by a long winter, at this time of the year grayling, perch, burbot, whitefish and roach are the best. Predators are found at a depth of 5 to 8 meters, Roach and Grayling rise higher.

At the end of spring there is practically no bite, this is due to a change in ambient temperature.

With the onset of summer, more than 50 species of fish appear. Hunters for prey are ubiquitously distributed along the shores and boats.

August is the most productive summer month, at this time even beginners will remain lucky. At the end of June you can meet bream, perch, roach and even salmon.


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