Kaliningrad is one of the most unusual cities in Russia. Its history, which many centuries was associated with German culture, reflected in the numerous sights of Kaliningrad: civil, religious and defensive structures bearing the stamp of European architecture.

For many centuries, Kaliningrad was called Konigsberg and was the capital of East Prussia. The city was founded by Teutonic knights to “onslaught the East”- the religious and feudal expansion of the Germans on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Over several centuries Kaliningrad was almost a German city.

Kaliningrad is often called as the most beautiful city in the country. Every year thousands of Russian and foreign tourists come to admire its streets and breathtaking views of the Pregol river. In 2018, Kaliningrad became one of the organizers of the World Cup in football and accepted the players and fans of this world-famous sporting event.
Autumn is the ideal time to visit this gothic-romantic city and meet the “most autumnal” brand stone – amber.