Helicopter tour to lake Teletskoye


Stone mushrooms, Uchar waterfall

Duration – 6-7 hours

Teletskoye lake is one of the most mysterious lakes in Russia. This lake is famous for its unique beauty, stunning nature and a special atmosphere that is not comparable to any other place. The crystal-clear water and boundless expanse of the lake impress everyone. If you want to visit the unspoilt corners of nature – you should visit the southern part of lake Teletskoye, where you will not meet crowds of tourists, and where you will discover original nature.

Flyby of the lake Teletskoye.

Landing in the Akkurum tract ” Stone mushrooms» Mystical landscapes that stretch for kilometers fascinate.
The atmosphere here is something extraordinary, fabulous, not earthly, not real. Akkurum is a mountainous area, where you will encounter the mysterious stone statues.
It is inexplicable how such a miracle of nature could have been formed, and how this mushrooms hold and do not break down for so many centuries. And it’s not just beautiful, it’s unreal beautiful!

Flight to the waterfall Uchar.

The largest cascading waterfall in the Altai mountains is Uchar (Big Chulchinsky waterfall). The total height of the waterfall is 160 meters. One version of the translation of the name “Uchar” is “Unapproachable”.

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