Yenisei Expedition Cruise


Discover the soul of Siberia


The first cruise of its kind. Discover untouched lands and sail unshared waters, the first and only river cruise to travel the spectacular Yenisei River. Set sail for adventure along the largest river to flow into the Arctic Ocean. From vast, rugged landscapes to magical midnight sun, the Yenisei River is where Mother Nature shines her brightest.

And aboard newly renovated 5-star ship, you’ll travel in undeniable style. Intricately designed to showcase Siberia at its most authentic, Maxim Gorky is a luxurious floating paradise – the perfect place to unwind after a day of new discovery.

  • Uncover ancient settlements that are frozen in time and steeped in tradition
  • Follow the path through sacred lands to discover eternal spirits and extinct mammoths
  • Savour traditional Siberian dishes and bring your own catch onboard for our chefs to prepare
  • Lose yourself in history at the Dead Road, Stalin’s unfinished Russian railway
  • From tundra to taiga, traverse three climatic zones and get up close and personal with local wildlife

Journey into the soul of spectacular Siberia on a one-of-a-kind river cruise that will take your breath away.