The Crimean peninsula is often called “the world in miniature” – there is a sea, plains, mountains, steppes and extinct volcanoes, salt lakes. It is a world of amazing landscapes, a rich cultural background and a subtropical climate supported by a warm breeze blowing from the Black Sea. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Greeks, Tatars, Mongols, Huns, Turks, Russians, French and British fought over this peninsula for many centuries.
Here you can ski and relax on wonderful sandy beaches, explore underwater beauty and soar under the clouds. Evergreens – olive trees, palm trees, exotic cypresses and Lebanese cedars – give a special flavor to the landscape. The air itself is filled with healing aromas of flowering plants and herbs, which gives the walks a healing status.
The southern coast of Crimea is a special place. The most attractive and interesting part of the peninsula, the so-called Russian Riviera – you will understand how accurate this name is if you come here during the summer months. Here, narrow streets snake down to the warm sea, mountain slopes are buried in cypresses and olive groves, and high society palaces are hidden in the expanses of ancient estates. The most memorable attraction of the entire peninsula is, without a doubt, Bakhchisaray, the ancient capital of the Crimean Tatars with a stunning location and a beautifully preserved Khan’s Palace.
Come to Crimea to see this splendor with your own eyes!

Crimea 6 days

Moscow, Crimea and Saint-Petersburgo 18 days