The Russian Caucasus is a vast territory between the Black, Azov and Caspian seas. Region consists of the Western Caucasus (before Elbrus), the Central Caucasus (between Elbrus and Kazbek) and the Eastern Caucasus (east of Kazbek).
The Caucasus has almost unlimited opportunities for recreation: beautiful landscapes and diverse landscapes, beach resorts and ski slopes, mild climate, unique flora, ancient monuments, healing mineral springs, as well as the famous Caucasian cuisine that has become popular far beyond this region.

In this unique and densely populated region of Russia live representatives of various nations and nationalities of our country, adherents of the most diverse religious denominations.

Travelers are amazed by the magnificent paintings opening from the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. Here you can see the majestic beauty of mountain ranges and valleys, clean caves with healing properties, wild nature. Everyone can enjoy spending time in the Caucasus, those who want to recuperate, improve their health and those who seek thrill.
Historical monuments, buildings and churches built over a thousand years ago have been preserved in various places. Places associated with ancient stories and legends attract travelers.

Visiting the Caucasus, you can learn its history, national customs and traditions, folding over the centuries. Such trip will not leave you indifferent and dull.




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