The sea gates of the Arctic

Russia’s Northern Territory.
The White Sea

The land of First Russian sailors, the birthplace of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, the historic island of Russia, the first Russian sea port,
the Gateway to the Arctic, the capital of Pomorie, the city of angels – so many names about one and only Arkhangelsk city.

While visiting Arkhangelsk city you will have an opportunity to visit the jewel of the White Sea -Solovetsky monastery, which was founded more than V centuries ago by famous Russian monks. Don’t miss the chanсe to explore the Novaya Zemlya – the biggest Archipelago in European Arctic, covered in ice by one and forth part.

You will also see the Russian Arctic national park situated on those icy lands.


Arkhangelsk - The sea gates of the Arctic, 3 days

Pomorye – Arctic vector of Russia, 4 days

Solovki - The northern outpost of Russia, 4 days