Amazing Russia Show

A unique dining show in Moscow – “Amazing Russia”. A spectacular and fun folk show with dinner is an unusual “presentation” of all of Russia.

The show “Amazing Russia” is an incendiary musical journey through Russia, where different regions are represented in the form of performances by the best national groups used by amazing folk costumes, ancient musical instruments. Also simultaneously with a concert on a big screen, a film is shown about such a region with the most beautiful and unusual sights and views of nature. And all this action takes place during a delicious dinner.

In one evening, the guests of the show “Amazing Russia” will be seen and felt in a spectacular and cheerful form, some unusual and huge country Russia, how many nationalities live in it with an ancient and amazing culture and traditions, some unusual and fascinating Russian beauty, try the national cuisine
And after the show program, all guests will definitely take part in an interactive program, where, together with the artists, they will learn Russian folk dances and get acquainted with local traditions.

Sparkling fun, tasty and unusual food, gifts, a pleasant and friendly atmosphere are vivid impressions and warm memories of Russia that foreign guests will always have for life.