4WD expedition to Evenkia


Duration of the tour: 14-16 days

Day 1.
Arrival in Krasnoyarsk. Accommodation in the hotel. City tour. Purchase of additional equipment for the expedition. Rest.

Day 2.
Transfer Krasnoyarsk – Yeniseysk.
The town of Yeniseysk used to be historical, cultural and economic capital of Yeniseisk region in 17th – 18th centuries.
The town of 17 thousand citizens has more than 100 historical monuments and architectural treasures, which allows it to keep its old-time charm.
City tour.
Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 3.
Transfer to Severo-Yeniseysk, one of the centers of goldmining in Russia. Museum of gold-mining, which not only shows the whole process of gold mining with fullyfunctioning models of the equipment, but also tells about Siberian history in WWII.
Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 4.
Arrival in Baikit settlement. Ethnographic museum with stuffed animals and birds, as well as Evenk traditional clothes and tools. Visit to winter hut of the hunters, interaction with Evenks and hunters. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 5.
Transfer Baikit settlement – Surinda settlement. Icefishing, taking part in building “chum”, traditional nomadic tent. Accommodation in “chum”.

Day 6.
Visit to the reindeer herders where we get an introduction in everyday life of reindeer herders.

Day 7.
Celebration of Day of reindeer herders in Surinda. This is a unique chance to try to ride a reindeer sleigh or dogsled and even to take short workshop for mastering “kayur” skills (dogsled’s driver). You will also be able to take part in traditional competitions like northern all-round, throwing of “maut” (Evenk lasso), axe throwing and sledge jumping Feast on a degustation of Evenk cuisine, white juicy “stroganina” (freshly frozen fish), bread “kolobo” cooked in coals, steamy hot hearty “Shulema”, soup from fresh reindeer meat is something not to be missed. (Vegetarian options are also available with advance notice).

Spend some time with the reindeer hunters or try icefishing.
Transfer Surinda – Tura. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 8.
Walk along the Hunters’ path and learn the Sable hunting secrets. Initiation ceremony in Evenk. Visit to the Ethnographic museum. Visit the center of craftsmanship and culture of indigenous Siberian tribes. See the archive of unique documents dated from the XVIII – XIX centuries on the history of discovery in the North. You will also see the biggest crystal and feldspar, which was used for laser weapons. It weighs more than 300 kg.

Visit to workshop “Chiktaekaen”, where you will see original craft of Evenks: jewelry made from metal and bones and the famous Evenk “sun” (charm made of fur and embroidered with beads), kumalan (Evenk mats made of fur), unty (traditional boots, made of fur and richly decorated with beads). Join in on a workshop and try to be Evenk artisan. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 9.
Transfer to Hologa along the frozen river. We will use “Sadko”, a special purpose vehicle for extreme territories.
Accommodation in tundra in winter tents.

Days 10-12.
Meetings with hunters and indigenous tribes. Hunting, ice-fishing. Snowmobile rides.

Day 13.
Return in Tura. Transfer Tura- Vanavara.
Accommodation in the hotel. Rest. It’s possible to take flight to Krasnoyarsk (subject to advance booking and availability of tickets)

Day 14.
Excursion in Tungussky reserve, where you will hear the story of one of the biggest mystery in human history, the Tungussky meteorite. Regional museum. Accommodation in the hotel. Rest. It’s possible to take flight to Krasnoyarsk (subject to advance booking and availability of tickets)

Days 15-16.
Transfer Vanavara – Boguchany – Krasnoyarsk (with stopover in Boguchany).