What do you know about Evenkia? How do people survive in that harsh snowy area? How do they celebrate their main festival, Day of reindeer herders? Join us for a big winter adventure!

A sable hunting and ice-fishing in tundra, initiation in Evenk and staying in real “chum” (nomadic tents), these are only small parts of what you will see and remember for the rest of your life.

We will cover over 4000 km by winter roads (roads that exist only in winter, built from snow), along the frozen Siberian rivers, across the vastness of the endless Evenkia tundra. Near the geographical center of Russia, you will be able to take part in the traditional Evenk competitions such as sleigh jumping, here you can also try to drive dogsled or reindeer sled. Feast on white juicy “stroganina” (freshly frozen fish), bread “kolobo” cooked in coals, steamy hot hearty “Shulema”, soup from fresh reindeer meat that will leave you wanting more